Who We are

The Machine Tool Industry is Our Business.

We have a detailed understanding of every aspect, every roll, every moving and well-designed part of the cutting tools industry. Our leadership has lived the industry, built companies and communities around every area of essential manufacturing expertise for over 30 years.

Personally Invested

Our placements range from top-level leadership to the ground level, every single one of them representing a passionate commitment to targeted and positive industry growth.

Total Collaboration

Your company's involvement is essential in every step of our process. We maintain a policy of total transparency to maintain constant and effective communication.

Client Consulting

We know your pain, the inherent difficulties standing in the way of success within the cutting tools industry. We have the talent solutions and the hands-on experience needed to properly and profitably address them.

Candidate Assistance

We know the positions that are essential to our industry, the positions you lead from—from engineering to supply chains and distribution. No matter what vital role you fulfill, we know the companies and how those organizations can enable your professional growth and mobility.

Our Unquestionable Expertise

We have experienced the obstacles. Our firm's mission is to provide exclusive offers and services to our industry that will enhance not only singular companies but also the entire industry's organizational structure.

Let us help you make your career an absolute reflection of your goals and your passionate commitment to the machine tool industry.