What we do is who we are.

We have a detailed understanding of every aspect, every role, every moving and well-designed part of the cutting tools industry. Our leadership has lived the industry, built companies and communities around every area of essential manufacturing expertise for over 26 years.

CNC Lathe Processing
Facilitating Lasting Leadership

As a company, we can give you the talent and leadership options we know will best suit your technical and cultural dynamic, providing individuals that possess not only the specific attributes you need to maximize your efforts but also the passion to carry your business forward and the commitment to establish fruitful and long-lasting professional relationships.

A Commitment to Quality Service

We are not a placement factory—a recruiting firm who throws a candidate to a company and hopes they stick. Every action we engage in is a collaborative effort, maximizing client involvement to make sure each individual we present has been thoroughly vetted and has our total confidence in regards to fit.

Building a Legacy Together

Our mission is to provide exclusive offers and services to your industry that will not only enhance singular companies but the entire industry's organizational structure. With you, our partner companies, we want to build the network that will define cutting tools manufacturing and distribution for years to come.

Let us help you make your career an absolute reflection of your goals and your passionate commitment to the machine tool industry.