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Connecting to Clients

We offer a host of resources to the engineers, machine tool builders, EDM and CMM companies, supply companies and all those connected to large machine tool distributor networks. We have worked every facet that makes up machine tool engineering, supply chain and distribution. Swift Placement and Consulting can help you build the company cultures that reflect your philosophies and commitment to continuous innovation.

Utilitarian Capability

If you need a position, we have the knowledge and understanding of all the industry's moving parts to place talent accurately and promptly, guaranteed. Every area of the cutting tools sphere has its own variables, challenges and effective hiring solutions to match them.

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Ethical Service

Our goal is not to simply place a candidate and move on. We are motivated by an obligation that comes from a connection to cutting tools that has grown over nearly three decades of work, leadership and service. We do the right thing for our community or we don't do it at all.

Service Defined by Precision

We want to help your company find the leadership and resources it desperately needs to be competitive and to connect you with the partner companies with whom you will work to establish effective collaborative networks.

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Let us help you make your career an absolute reflection of your goals and your passionate commitment to the machine tool industry.