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At Swift Placement and Consulting, we take a hands-on, high-touch method of discovery, uncovering those personal qualities that allow us to match you with a technically and culturally compatible company. We will help you reveal the path towards a professional working environment and culture where you can have the greatest impact.

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You work in an industry dependent upon specialized talent. No other firm has the depth of understanding—no other firm has personally filled the roles, felt the frustrations and developed the solutions to the problems you face every day. We see the unseen and know the qualities that make you ideal. We are committed to forming career-spanning relationships

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The cutting tools industry is an arena where connectivity plays a key role in any measure of success. We know entry-level to top leadership roles, the supply chains and distribution networks that keep the industry expanding and, most of all, we know the people whose passion it is to ensure it remains a place producing the exports of technological imagination and innovation.

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In our industry, one decision or one placement can have lasting effects. We use everything we've learned over nearly three decades of on-the-job experience to find where you as a candidate solve the cutting tool equation.

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Let us help you make your career an absolute reflection of your goals and your passionate commitment to the machine tool industry.