The Great Resignation or The Great Demand

Great Resignation or The Great Demand

The industry can’t quite keep up when it comes to manufacturing retention and hiring. During the Great Resignation, employees left in droves; but there is a bright side. Think of it as a half-empty, half-full situation. A Great Resignation, in turn, leads to a Great Demand.

Job opportunities are opening up left and right. Job openings are at a record high, according to the National Association of Manufacturing. The real issue, however, is retention.

The Good News

Regarding retention, the separate rate—the measure of employees leaving their organization or job within a reporting period—in manufacturing was 3.6 percent.

Workers are currently less likely to leave or quit their jobs in the manufacturing industry. This is a major improvement in a sector susceptible to Covid-19 and supply chain disruptions as the leading causes for workers being laid off.

An Easy Guide to Manufacturing Retention

Hiring is easy, but keeping workers and keeping workers happy is hard.

One of the most straightforward steps you can take towards manufacturing retention is reevaluating your company’s culture. Nineteen percent of workers left their jobs simply because of employer treatment during the pandemic. Take the time to examine whether your company’s and employees’ values align. Perhaps there’s a disconnect, or your messaging is inconsistent.

The landscape is also changing. Younger generations like millennials and Gen Z have entirely different priorities, such as transparency and employees’ well-being, compared to their older counterparts.

Lastly, invest in your employees to create industry leaders. For any company to succeed, there must be competent and skilled workers. Any company that spends time and effort creating well-trained employees will yield higher retention and will prevent them from leaving the company due to ongoing frustrations.

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