The Future of Women in Manufacturing

women in manufacturing using a cnc machine typing

If you already weren’t aware, March is celebrated as Women’s History Month. It’s a time to acknowledge the achievements of women while reflecting on the contributions they have made to society. In honor of this month, we’d like to wrap up March with a blog focused on women in manufacturing—specifically, CNC machining. 

A Growing Force

CNC machining is a male-dominated sphere, with men making up a little more than 89 percent of the machinist workforce. However, there has been a steady growth of women entering CNC machining due to competitive wages and consistent work. 

CNC machining proves to be a sector that values skilled workers as more and more women enter. After all, when it comes to untapped potential in manufacturing, women represent one of the largest groups. 

The Labor Shortage

We invite you to read our blogs on the manufacturing talent shortage to understand the scope of the current hiring landscape. To quickly summarize, a record number of 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021. The good news? Workers are less likely to leave or quit their jobs in the manufacturing industry.  

Despite the current significant labor shortage, women are being recruited for manufacturing roles more than ever before. The computerized manufacturing industry needs to fill over 145,000 jobs by 2026 due to baby boomers retiring and economic expansion. This shortage means manufacturers will be more likely to hire women to fill these roles. 

Without a doubt, the industry needs more female CNC machinists.

Skilled Labor

You don’t need us to tell you what a CNC machinist does. Regardless, hiring entities are looking for greater skills in their machinists such as mathematics, mechanical design, programming and a proven ability to interpret technical drawings. CNC machinists are also expected to have a keen eye for detail and the ability to operate at an exceptionally high level of accuracy. 

In order to attract more women to manufacturing careers, the industry is undergoing changes to bridge the gap between the current status quo and the building of tomorrow’s employment landscape.

Women, after all, are critical for the future of manufacturing. 

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