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Expert CNC Machine Recruiter

We’re an expert CNC machine recruiter with 30 years of experience under our belt. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of every aspect, every role, every moving and meticulously designed part of the cutting tool, CNC machine tool, and manufacturing industries. Our leadership has built communities within companies for more than three decades.

Laser CNC Machine
Laser CNC Machine
Quality Partnership

Swift is not a placement factory—a firm that throws a candidate into an organization with the hopes they stick. Every action we take is a careful and collaborative effort, maximizing client involvement to make sure each individual we present has been thoroughly screened and has our total confidence in regards to fit. We are an expert CNC machine tool recruiter firm committed to nurturing high-quality relationships with every single client and candidate.

Ethical Recruitment and Service

We do more than find a candidate and move on to the next placement. Our aim is to create meaningful and long-lasting connections. We are passionate when it comes to the manufacturing and CNC machine tool industry that has grown over nearly three decades of work, leadership, and service. We do the right thing for our community, our clients, and the professionals we work with—or we don’t do it at all.

Typical Roles We Fill

By working directly with clients and candidates, we aim to fill positions across the CNC machine tool, cutting tool, and manufacturing industries. Our refined process allows us to enhance meaningful growth, build long-term connections, and find the best talent. Typical roles we fill include CNC Machine Tool Sales, Applications Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and more.

We’re more than ready to be the CNC machine recruiter firm you need. Let us put our extensive industry experience to work for you. Reach out to us today.
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