Blue collar manufacturing career opportunities: Make your move now

Blue collar manufacturing career opportunities: Make your move now

Manufacturing career opportunities are everywhere—literally everywhere. 

There are positions for skilled workers across the country and, with a significant skilled labor shortage that has been in existence for some time, those candidates with sought-after skills are an incredible resource for today’s leading manufacturing companies.

How did your knowledge and experience become so valuable?

There are several contributing factors that have led to the creation of the current labor market and its frustrating skills gap. 

Baby boomers make up a large portion of the skilled workers present in the manufacturing workforce, but as to be expected, they are aging out

Interest in trades fell as the following generations put greater emphasis on the four-year degree. Primary, secondary and community-based educational institutions in turn reduced or totally eliminated vocational educational programs that had existed for decades. 

Now, we are staring at a hiring market that is incredibly unbalanced and is facing a host of unfilled roles in some of today’s fastest-growing industries and companies. This imbalance and skilled labor shortage places those candidates—machinists, fabricators, welders, electricians and maintenance professionals, just to name a few—in an incredible position to leverage their hard-earned skills into excellent manufacturing career opportunities. 

Why you should act now

While the skilled labor gap has been developing and growing for years, there are clues that it will begin to close. The significant manufacturing opportunities readily available today might not continue to be so. The gap has been recognized by every vertical within manufacturing and steps are being taken to increase the number of skilled workers available.  

Companies are working directly with educators to introduce young people to the culture, science and technology of manufacturing, as well as with current employees, providing mentorships, apprenticeships and training programs designed to develop the technical skills currently in high demand. 

We also need to consider the bottom line. Starting salaries, wages and benefits have never been higher. With “green” industries experiencing considerable growth, and potential resources available for infrastructure spending, companies are paying more, putting a high price on the knowledge and services skilled candidates can deliver. 

But the scarcity of skill will diminish, more skilled laborers will be taught and developed, and this golden age of manufacturing career opportunities won’t last forever. While manufacturing’s rebirth within the United States is projected to continue, getting in on the proverbial ground floor places your talent front and center and will allow you the significant career mobility and compensation the current demand dictates.

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