The Great Resignation or The Great Demand

Great Resignation or The Great Demand

The industry can’t quite keep up when it comes to manufacturing retention and hiring. During the Great Resignation, employees left in droves; but there is a bright side. Think of it as a half-empty, half-full situation. A Great Resignation, in turn, leads to a Great Demand. Job opportunities are opening up left and right. Job…

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Manufacturing in 2021: 4 factors to consider now and in the future

Manufacturing in 2021: 4 factors to consider

As we examine manufacturing in 2021, we are facing a growing, more active economy. With the demand for goods at an all-time high and the supply chain ramping back up to meet demand, what issues will manufacturing entities face in the coming year and beyond? Machine Learning Manufacturing in 2021, like the years leading up…

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Machine tool exec Jeff Swift launches recruiting and consulting firm

Your advocate for exceptional talent and leadership in machine tools.

Jeff Swift, a respected executive and leader in the machine and cutting tools industry for 30 years, has launched a recruiting and consulting firm specializing in filling key roles in the industry, from machinist to CEO. He left his position as VP/Sales Director at DMG MORI USA to start this venture as a search consultant…

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